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Encore® Hip Replacement Lawsuits, Problems, Recalls and Claims.

The attorneys at may be the only California-based defective product law firm handling Encore hip lawsuits. Why is this important? Because the company responsible for the Encore® hip system is a California-based orthopedics company. This enables us, as a California-based defective medical products law firm, to bring claims through the California Court system, against the Encore® company for the damages suffered by its victims.

Lawyers from other states that are not licensed in California may not have the experience or knowledge (or even be allowed) to handle a California lawsuit. Our managing attorney, has almost 20 years experience representing victims of defective medical products.

The safety of metal-on-metal hip devices is seriously in issue because of the tendency for metal components to rub against one another, releasing particles of metal into a patient’s tissues, bones or bloodstream.

The Encore® metal hip recall lawyers at are currently handling claims involving the Encore® hip replacement systems that included metal-on-metal design.

Encore® hip implants included both one-piece neck and stem called a ‘monoblock’ design often coupled with a cup with a metal surface. This creates metal friction every time you move. Encore® also made ‘modular’ hip stems in which the stem and neck are two pieces. Both types of Encore® hips have the potential to fail due to excessive metal debris caused by the metal-on-metal friction. In addition, hazards can be caused by metal corrosion at the modular neck junction (in the modular devices). Metal particles in the tissues is known to lead to high levels of cobalt and/or chromium in the blood, development of tumors, and painful loosening and instability of the hip device.

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Complications associated with Encore® metal hip implants often lead to complex revision (removal) surgery and include:

Metallosis (metal toxicity from metal grinding on metal)
• Necrosis (tissue death)
• Osteolysis (deterioration of bone)
• Tumor formation
• Pain
• Dislocation
• Revision (removal) surgery


Encore® hip attorneys at are handling cases for patients with Encore® hip systems who have had revision surgery or whose doctors believe they may require revision surgery in the future.

Encore® hip claims lawyers at have been handling defective medical device cases for over 16 years, and have successfully handled cases including, Fen/phen, Guidant defibrillator, Vioxx®, Medtronic Lead wire, Prempro®, and pelvic mesh. Our team is also currently handling DePuy® metal hip and Stryker® metal hip cases.

If you or a loved one has suffered any symptoms after receiving a metal hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation. Our award-winning lawyers have set records in settlements and trials for obtaining fair compensation for our clients and can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Call now to speak with an experienced legal professional for free.

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