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Big pharma price-rigging scheme

Drug Retailers Demand Documents about Aggrenox “Pay for Delay” Scheme

July 31, 2017
Several drug retailers have petitioned a federal court in Connecticut to provide Federal Trade Commission (FTC) documents pertaining to drugmaker Boehringer’s alleged scheme to block generic alternatives to its stroke-prevention drug Aggrenox.

The FTC is investigating the same alleged “pay for delay” case that is the focus of the current Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case in Connecticut, and the plaintiffs argue that they have a right to see these potentially relevant documents.

In the MDL case, Barr Pharmaceuticals – acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2008 – is accused of agreeing to delay the marketing of a generic alternative to Aggrenox upon receiving a portion of Boehringer’s profits from sales of Aggrenox.

The MDL gathers 11 antitrust lawsuits that accuse Boehringer of running a $120 million pay for delay scheme.

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