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Androgel lawsuit updates, news and settlements

• January 29, 2018

Setback for Plaintiffs in Androgel lawsuit

In a setback for plaintiffs seeking to hold pharmaceutical company AbbVie Inc. accountable for serious health conditions allegedly caused by its drug AndroGel, a federal jury in Illinois found the company not liable for the blood clot that developed in a man’s lung while taking the drug. The case was the third bellwether trial in Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) involving accusations that patients and doctors were inadequately warned about the potential harms of taking AngroGel, and it is the first complete-defense victory for the drug company, which was found liable on at least some of the alleged grounds in two previous trials.

The case involved plaintiff Robert Nolte, who developed a pulmonary embolism after beginning to take AndroGel at the age of 72 in an effort to boost low testosterone levels. Attorneys for Nolte alleged that the plaintiff specifically inquired about the drug to his doctor after seeing advertisements promoting AndroGel’s ability to return vitality to the lives of men Nolte’s age. Nolte’s attorneys further allege that AbbVie engaged in such a marketing campaign without adequately studying the potential health effects of AngroGel on patients Nolte’s age.

Plaintiff attorney Keith Mitnick of Morgan & Morgan PA argued before the jury that AbbVie entered this lucrative market without conducting the proper clinical trials for that specific demographic, off which it earned approximately $5.6 billion in AndroGel sales between 2000 and 2012, according to Mitni.

“They skipped that entire step,” Mitnik contended, according to Law360, referring to appropriate clinical trials for people Nolte’s age. “They preyed on an aging man’s natural desire to have his vitality back.”

In response, lawyers for the pharmaceutical company argued that the connection between Nolte’s pulmonary blood clot and his use of AndroGel was tenuous, pointing out that Nolte previously had suffered from a blood clot prior his taking AndroGel and that Nolte was not taking doctor-recommended blood thinners during the time at which he developed his subsequent blood clot.

In the end, the Illinois jury decided against the plaintiff and for the drug company in the third bellwether verdict to come down in the AndroGel MDL. In the first trial, a jury found in July 2017 that AbbVie was not liable for the plaintiff’s injuries in that case but did order the company to pay $150 million in punitive damages for making false representations about the drug in its marketing campaign (The $150 million decision was vacated in December 2017, with a retrial scheduled to begin in March 2018). The second trial concluded in October 2017 with the jury finding AbbVie liable for a heart attack suffered by a patient while taking AndroGel. In that case, the jury awarded $140 million in damages.

Despite this latest setback for plaintiffs in the AndroGel MDL bellwether trials, believes that the outcome in this instance had more to do with the facts of the individual case than with AbbVie’s overall culpability in aggressively marketing AndroGel for uses and to a demographic for which it had not been appropriately vetted. will continue to monitor the latest developments in the AbbVie AndroGel MDL, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date news on this fast-changing area of litigation. If you

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• July 26, 2017

Former FDA Chief Says AndroGel Ads Were Misleading

Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner David Kessler told a jury in Illinois that the ads released by drugmaker AbbVie for its topical testosterone replacement drug AndroGel were misleading. The ads, Kessler said, promoted the drug for uses beyond those for which the FDA had granted it approval.

AbbVie’s ads for AndroGel promised that the drug could help in the treatment of symptoms that are a natural part of the make aging process, even though it had only been approved for the treatment of certain, specific conditions.

Kessler testified on behalf of plaintiff Jesse Mitchell, who blames AndroGel for causing the heart attack that he suffered in 2014. Mitchell says that he was misled into taking AndroGel by ads that promised that the drug could help with fatigue, depression, and a diminished libido. Mitchell also alleges that the drug’s warning label was insufficient, in that it did not mention that AndroGel could cause heart problems – a fact, he alleges, that AbbVie knew about but concealed.

The Chicago trial is the first case to be heard in a highly publicized Multi-District Litigation (MDL) trial over the health risks and corporate liabilities connected with such topical testosterone replacement drugs as AndroGel.

The trial is ongoing in Illinois federal court.

If you’ve suffered heart problems as a result of using testosterone replacement drugs like AndroGel, contact the expert attorneys at We can help you.

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• July 24, 2017

AbbVie Ordered to Pay $150 Million for False AndroGel Ads

A federal jury in Illinois has ruled that pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie must pay $150 million in punitive damages for advertisements that made false claims about its topical testosterone replacement therapy drug AndroGel.

In a trial brought by plaintiff Jesse Mitchell, who had alleged that his 2012 heart attack was caused by AndroGel, the jury found AbbVie not guilty of negligence, but guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation. Mitchell had argued that AbbVie had falsely promoted AndroGel to users for whom the drug was not medically appropriate.

The jury awarded no compensatory damages to Mitchell.

The decision is the first in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) that collects thousands of lawsuits over the alleged heart attack and other health risks linked to AndroGel.

Several other cases in the MDL have yet to be tried.

If you think your heart attack might have been caused by AndroGel or other topical testosterone replacement therapy medications, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact the expert attorneys at right away.

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• July 20, 2017

AbbVie Claims FDA Never Requested Study of AndroGel Heart Attack Risk

In a Chicago courtroom, an executive with drugmaker AbbVie asserted that the company had supplied the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with information concerning the links between an elevated heart attack risk and its topical testosterone replacement therapy drug AndroGel, but that the agency never requested a formal study.

Linda Scarazzini, AbbVie’s vice president of global pharmacovigilance and patient safety, stated that the company provided all relevant data to the FDA, and the FDA did not find that the drug was associated with an elevated risk of heart attacks.

At issue in the suit is whether AbbVie promoted the prescription of AndroGel for patients for whom it was not medically necessary, thereby promoting health hazards such as an increased risk of heart attack.

The current case was brought by Jesse Mitchell, who suffered a heart attack in 2012 that he believes was caused by AndroGel. Mitchell’s case is the first to reach trial in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case that involves thousands of other suits.

The case is ongoing in Chicago.

If you’ve taken AndroGel and have had a heart attack, you may be entitled to be part of this or another lawsuit. Contact to learn how we can help you stand up for your healthcare rights.

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• July 14, 2017

Doctor Testifies about AndroGel’s Heart Attack Risks

Northwestern University cardiologist Dr. Hossein Ardehali testified in a Chicago federal courtroom that there is enough evidence to suggest a link between testosterone replacement therapy drugs and an increased heart attack risk.

Dr. Ardehali testified as an expert witness on behalf of plaintiff Jesse Mitchell, who alleges that AndroGel, a topical testosterone replacement therapy drug manufactured by AbbVie, caused the heart attack that he suffered in 2012. Also central to Mitchell’s case are his allegations that AbbVie did not test the drug satisfactorily, and that it encouraged its use in men for whom testosterone replacement was not medically appropriate.

Mitchell’s case is the first of more than 4000 cases filed against AbbVie over AndroGel in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) legal action.

Dr. Ardehali, in his testimony, likened the hazardous side effects of AndroGel in men to those suffered by women who had undergone estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy has been implicated in increased risks of stroke, breast cancer, and heart disease.

The trial is ongoing in Chicago.

If you have suffered health problems as a result of dangerous or misprescribed drugs, the attorneys at want to hear from you. Contact us for your free consultation.

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• July 10, 2017

AndroGel Maker AbbVie Denies Drug’s Heart Attack Connection

In an ongoing trial in Chicago, major drugmaker AbbVie asserted that no clinical studies exist that demonstrate a direct connection between its topical testosterone replacement drug AndroGel and an increased risk of heart attacks.

The central issue in the trial is whether AbbVie has falsely and potentially injuriously downplayed or covered up health risks that are alleged to be linked with AndroGel. Those alleged risks include heart attack and pulmonary embolism.

The drug manufacturer asserted that it was not obligated to inform doctors or patients of a heart attack risk if no studies have suggested such a risk. Jesse Mitchell, the plaintiff in the case, disagrees. Mitchell used AndroGel for several years, until suffering a heart attack in 2012. Mitchell and his doctors believe that AndroGel was the cause of the heart attack. He filed suit in 2013.

AndroGel drew the attention of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014, when several studies suggested that the potential connection between AndroGel topical testosterone therapy medication and heart attacks merited further investigation.

Legal and medical experts are watching closely the AndroGel trial, which has the potential to establish a precedent in cases involving this controversial drug.

If your health has been jeopardized by Big Pharma’s quest for profits, contact to learn how we can help you.

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• July 07, 2017

Plaintiff Tells Jury of AbbVie’s Failure to Label AndroGel

The plaintiff in a federal case in Illinois informed jurors that he nearly died after using the topical testosterone replacement drug AndroGel that had been insufficiently labeled for hazards.

Further, lawyers for plaintiff Jesse Mitchell alleged, AndroGel’s maker, AbbVie, was fully aware that its product was dangerous, but the company downplayed the product’s risks so that it could turn a larger profit.

Mitchell alleged that AbbVie ignored multiple warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that AndroGel should be labeled to indicate that it had not been approved for the treatment of anything other than a specific set of hypogonadism conditions. AbbVie, the plaintiff alleged, promoted AndroGel as a broad-spectrum treatment, thus increasing health risks to users.

Topical testosterone replacement therapy drugs such as AndroGel have been linked to the risk of heart attacks.

Mitchell’s case is the second in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) testosterone replacement drug case to be heard in court. The first case, heard in June 2017, ended in a mistrial.

Mitchell had been prescribed AndroGel in 2007 when tests showed that his levels of testosterone were low. After using the cream for some five years, Mitchell had a heart attack at the age of 44. In the suit, he alleges that AndroGel is to blame, in part because the product should have been labeled to indicate that it was not appropriate for use by men of his age.

AbbVie’s marketing campaign for AndroGel, the suit alleges, made no reference to patients’ age, though that factor is significant in determining the product’s efficacy.

The trial is ongoing in a Chicago courtroom.

If you believe that your health problems are the result of improperly prescribed or inadequately labeled prescription drugs such as testosterone replacement therapy medications, contact your doctor right away.

Then, contact the expert attorneys at

• June 07, 2017

AbbVie Faces Litigation about Testosterone-Replacement Drugs

An Illinois federal jury has begun hearing a case in which the plaintiff alleges that Androgel, a testosterone-replacement drug manufactured by pharmaceutical giant AbbVie, deliberately misled doctors and patients about the drug’s side effects.

In what is known as a “bellwether trial” in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case, Jeffrey Konrad’s suit claims that Androgel was responsible for the heart attack he suffered in 2010, and that AbbVie is culpable for failing to inform doctors of the drug’s potential to increase heart attack risk.

The suit alleges that AbbVie used unfair and aggressive marketing practices to convince doctors that Androgel was safe, even though the company was aware that its use posed significant health risks.

Androgel revolutionized testosterone-replacement treatment. Prior to its introduction, such drugs were administered by injection. Androgel is a topical cream.

Other cases in the MDL accuse AbbVie of concealing the fact that Androgel carries with it an increased risk of blood clots and pulmonary embolism, as well.

The verdicts in bellwether MDL trials often set legal precedents, and can play a significant role in determining the path of litigation in similar cases.

If you think you’ve been the victim of the unfair practices of Big Pharma, contact the attorneys at We can help you. Call now to speak with an experienced legal professional for free.

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