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AndroGel Misleading Ads Lawsuit

Former FDA Chief Says AndroGel Ads Were Misleading

July, 17, 2017
Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner David Kessler told a jury in Illinois that the ads released by drugmaker AbbVie for its topical testosterone replacement drug AndroGel were misleading. The ads, Kessler said, promoted the drug for uses beyond those for which the FDA had granted it approval.

AbbVie’s ads for AndroGel promised that the drug could help in the treatment of symptoms that are a natural part of the make aging process, even though it had only been approved for the treatment of certain, specific conditions.

Kessler testified on behalf of plaintiff Jesse Mitchell, who blames AndroGel for causing the heart attack that he suffered in 2014. Mitchell says that he was misled into taking AndroGel by ads that promised that the drug could help with fatigue, depression, and a diminished libido. Mitchell also alleges that the drug’s warning label was insufficient, in that it did not mention that AndroGel could cause heart problems – a fact, he alleges, that AbbVie knew about but concealed.

The Chicago trial is the first case to be heard in a highly publicized Multi-District Litigation (MDL) trial over the health risks and corporate liabilities connected with such topical testosterone replacement drugs as AndroGel.

The trial is ongoing in Illinois federal court.

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