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AbbVie Androgel Trial update

Plaintiff Testifies that AndroGel Does More Harm than Good

July 18, 2017
Plaintiff Jesse Mitchell testified in a Chicago courtroom that AndroGel, the topical testosterone replacement therapy drug manufactured by AbbVie, produced few measurable benefits but greatly increased his risk of heart attack.

Mitchell allowed that AndroGel restored to him some amount of lost energy, but that that uptick in energy was not worth the risks of taking the drug. Mitchell suffered a heart attack in 2012, allegedly as a result of taking AndroGel.

Mitchell’s suit alleges not only that AndroGel is dangerous, but that AbbVie, its manufacturer, was well aware of the medical risks associated with the product but refused to disclose them to doctors or patients. Mitchell’s case is one of more than 4000 in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case against AbbVie, and is the first to be heard in court.

The trial has so far seen a number of expert witnesses testify on behalf of Mitchell. Mitchell’s own testimony wrapped up the plaintiff’s presentations in the case; AbbVie will commence calling witnesses this week.

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