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Florida Court Affirms $28.9 million verdict in tobacco Lawsuit

Appeals Court Affirms $28.9 Million Verdict in Tobacco Suit

August 22, 2017
An appeals court in Florida has affirmed a $28.9 million verdict against “Big Tobacco” companies R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris in a case in which the companies were found to be responsible for the death of a man from lung cancer.

The companies had appealed the judgment, arguing that the court had mishandled details of the legal proceedings, including jury selection, but the three-judge appeals panel unanimously upheld the decision.

The case, involving a Florida man named Tom Purdo, is one of thousands in the landmark Engle class action suit against tobacco product manufacturers.

The initial award included $21 million in compensatory damages and two $6.5 million dollar awards – one against each company – for punitive damages. A later proceeding trimmed the award to $28.9 million.

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