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Nissan Defective transmission suit - appeals

Appeals Pending in Defective Nissan Transmission Suit

July 31, 2017
Two of the plaintiffs in a recent lawsuit over allegedly defective transmissions in several Nissan vehicles have stated that they will appeal the $37 million decision, saying that it offers little benefit to the consumers in the suit.

Wendy Auker and Stuart Dessner argue that the warranty extension granted in the settlement is without value, as it does not make provisions for repairs.

The settlement reached recently in the Eleventh District Court provided for two-ear, 24,000-mile extended warranties to the owners and lessees of 2013 and 2014 Inifiniti JX35s, Infiniti QX60s, and Nissan Pathfinders. It is valued at between $37 and $99 million.

Part of the reason for the appeal is that the plaintiffs believe that forcing consumers to conduct business with Nissan is unfair, since they may not wish to do business with the company that manufactured their defective products.

The initial lawsuit concerned a software malfunction that caused the affected vehicles to “judder” when on the road.

Further details about the appeal have not yet been released.

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