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Power Worker's Mesothlioma suit

Asbestos Allegedly Caused Power Plant Worker’s Mesothelioma

July 26, 2017
Jolly and his family are seeking damages from the valves’ manufacturers.

Jolly seeks no damages from his former employer, Duke Energy, which he says was proactive about employee safety. The defendants in the lawsuit are valve makers Fisher Controls and Crosby Controls.

Jolly is 73, and his mesothelioma – a form of cancer – was diagnosed as terminal in January 2016.

In his years as a power plant inspector, Jolly spent a great deal of time in the immediate presence of countless thousands of asbestos-containing valves.

Jolly also seeks damages from numerous companies whose power plants he inspected, including General Electric, Pfizer, Union Carbide, and many others.

Jolly may testify on his own behalf as the trial continues.

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