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How do You feel about attorneys?

Many people have a negative view of attorneys. If you happen to feel that way, we aren’t going to try to change your mind. We understand why many attorneys have caused people to feel that way about them. What makes the attorneys at different? The thing that we hear most often is that we are ‘real people’. We think that many lawyers derive their ego from being a lawyer. Many need to win, despite the cost. We are proud to say that we don’t feel that way, and folks don’t think of us that way. Winning is important no doubt. But it cannot replace honesty, integrity, passion or hard work.

We know that folks don’t come to at a good time in their lives. They come to us when they are in pain and suffering. It’s hard to feel ‘good’ about your lawyer at such a time.

All we ask is that when you are assessing who you want as your voice with the insurance companies and the Court, to approach us with an open mind. We are proud to say that we have spent our professional lives fighting the giant corporations who profit off of your pain and suffering. We don’t represent banks, big corporations or big Pharma. We represent working folks who have been injured or killed by the negligence of others. We also represent folks injured by defective products, such as metal on metal hips, bad drugs or even common products that may have ‘unintended’ side effects that the company knew about but refused to warn about. Talc powder is the most recent example of this.

Our track record is one thing. But, if you need a lawyer, give us a call. You might just like what you hear.

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