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All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Recalls, Injuries and Lawsuits

All the terrains

All-terrain vehicles do just what they say on the tin: convey their operators over any kind of terrain, be it rocks or mud or water or sand. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, ATVs can have three or four wheels. Depending on who you’re talking to, they may be called ATVs, quads, quad bikes, four-wheelers, quadricycles, or three-wheelers.

With their low-pressure tires, high-powered engines, and light terrestrial footprint, ATVs are great for agricultural, industrial, and military applications. They are also, of course, popular recreational vehicles.

Whether you’re riding an ATV for work or for fun, these vehicles can malfunction and cause serious injuries and even death. Many ATVs have been recalled by their manufacturers on the orders of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In fact, ATVs are among the most commonly recalled of all items on the CPSC watchlist.

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All the injuries

Even if you wear all the necessary safety gear, and follow all the necessary safety protocols, ATVs can be dangerous – even deadly. Here’s why:
• ATVs offer little or no protection for those who drive them or ride in them.
• Because of the way their weight is distributed, ATVs are highly prone to rollover accidents.
• ATVs are light enough to flip over easily, but heavy enough to pin someone beneath them.
• The culture of recreational ATV usage encourages “hotdogging,” which can lead to accidents, injury, and death.
The CPSC estimated that, in 2005, more than 136,000 injuries were associated with ATVs.

In 2004, nearly 800 people died in ATV accidents. That same year, around 44,000 children were injured in ATV accidents – 150 of them fatally.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that no child under the age of 16 should ride ATVs. That should tell you something about how deadly these machines can be.

Other countries regulate ATVs more closely than do US government agencies, which means that ATV riders in the U.S. are potentially at greater risk for accidents, injuries, and deaths related to these vehicles.

ATVs have been implicated in a number of types of serious accidents, including but not limited to:
• brain damage
• broken bones
• head wounds
• spinal and back injuries
• neck injuries

• amputation of extremities
• asphyxiation

• internal (organ) injuries
• death

Why file an ATV lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured by an all-terrain vehicle, you may be entitled to financial compensation by one or more of the parties listed below:
• the manufacturer of the ATV
• the manufacturer of one or more parts of the ATV
• the employer who outfitted you with the ATV
• the owner or manager of the land on which the accident took place
• the manufacturer of the safety equipment that you were using at the time of the accident

At, we believe that most product manufacturers have only one motive – PROFIT – and that their endless striving for this goal sometimes results in corners being cut.

We’ve handled product liability cases for years, and we know that, sometimes, safety measures are pruned back in the name of greater potential profit.

We also know how to help people who are injured by defective products receive the financial compensation to which they may be entitled. The expert attorneys at can help you recover money related to:
• medical expenses
• pain and suffering
• lost wages, and the ability to earn wages
• scarring and disfigurement

In the worst cases, in which a loved one has been killed in an ATV accident, we can help you retrieve money for funeral and burial expenses.

We believe that companies who are negligent in their safety practices are obligated to compensate those who are injured by their products.

If that describes you, give a call. The consultation is free, and you don’t pay us a cent until we win your case for you.

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