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Opioid Epidemic Class Action

Opioid Users Join Suit against Drugmakers

July 11, 2017
A group of opioid users has sued the makers of the drugs in Arkansas federal court, alleging that the pharmaceutical corporations have contributed to the opioid epidemic in a grab for profits. Named in the suit are drugmakers Actavis, Endo, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue, Teva, and a number of those companies’ subsidiaries.

The central claim in the suit is that these drug companies pushed doctors to prescribe highly addictive prescription opioid medications while downplaying the drugs’ addiction risks, which the companies knew about.

The drug companies currently face lawsuits for identical charges in New York, Ohio, and Chicago.

The new class of plaintiffs are somewhat unusual for being former opioid addicts. They allege that the manufacturers of opioid medications hid or understated the drugs’ addiction risks, and paid influential doctors to promote the medications.

The suit has been filed under the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and would include anyone who was prescribed opioids between June 30, 2012, and June 30, 2017. The plaintiffs’ attorney likened the case to that against “Big Tobacco” some 20 years ago.

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