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Androgel lawsuit update

Jury Slams AbbVie for $140 Million Penalty in AndroGel Case

October 6, 2017
A federal jury in Illinois has ruled that pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie must pay $140 million in damages to a man who sued the company over its AndroGel topical testosterone therapy medication. The jury found that AbbVie failed to test the drug properly for its attendant heart-attack risks, and misrepresented AndroGel’s safety for treating age-related decreases in men’s testosterone levels.

The jury deliberated for only two days before ruling that plaintiff Jeffery Konrad was entitled to $140,000 in compensatory damages and $140 million in punitive damages. Konrad sued AbbVie in 2015, shortly after suffering a heart attack while using AndroGel.

Konrad’s case was the second bellwether trial in a complex Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case against AbbVie over AndroGel. The MDL includes thousands of other cases that have yet to be adjudicated.

In the first trial, plaintiff Jesse Mitchell did not receive any compensatory damages, but AbbVie was found to be liable for $150 million in punitive damages, largely on the grounds that it had misrepresented its product and the product’s attendant heart-attack risks.

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