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Bad Drugs Androgel Lawsuit Insufficient Labelling

Plaintiff Tells Jury of AbbVie’s Failure to Label AndroGel

July 6, 2017

The plaintiff in a federal case in Illinois informed jurors that he nearly died after using the topical testosterone replacement drug AndroGel that had been insufficiently labeled for hazards.

Further, lawyers for plaintiff Jesse Mitchell alleged, AndroGel’s maker, AbbVie, was fully aware that its product was dangerous, but the company downplayed the product’s risks so that it could turn a larger profit.

Mitchell alleged that AbbVie ignored multiple warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that AndroGel should be labeled to indicate that it had not been approved for the treatment of anything other than a specific set of hypogonadism conditions. AbbVie, the plaintiff alleged, promoted AndroGel as a broad-spectrum treatment, thus increasing health risks to users.

Topical testosterone replacement therapy drugs such as AndroGel have been linked to the risk of heart attacks.

Mitchell’s case is the second in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) testosterone replacement drug case to be heard in court. The first case, heard in June 2017, ended in a mistrial.

Mitchell had been prescribed AndroGel in 2007 when tests showed that his levels of testosterone were low. After using the cream for some five years, Mitchell had a heart attack at the age of 44. In the suit, he alleges that AndroGel is to blame, in part because the product should have been labeled to indicate that it was not appropriate for use by men of his age.

AbbVie’s marketing campaign for AndroGel, the suit alleges, made no reference to patients’ age, though that factor is significant in determining the product’s efficacy.

The trial is ongoing in a Chicago courtroom.

If you believe that your health problems are the result of improperly prescribed or inadequately labeled prescription drugs such as testosterone replacement therapy medications, contact your doctor right away.

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