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Androgel side effects lawsuit

AbbVie Faces Litigation about Testosterone-Replacement Drugs

June 7, 2017
An Illinois federal jury has begun hearing a case in which the plaintiff alleges that Androgel, a testosterone-replacement drug manufactured by pharmaceutical giant AbbVie, deliberately misled doctors and patients about the drug’s side effects.

In what is known as a “bellwether trial” in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case, Jeffrey Konrad’s suit claims that Androgel was responsible for the heart attack he suffered in 2010, and that AbbVie is culpable for failing to inform doctors of the drug’s potential to increase heart attack risk.

The suit alleges that AbbVie used unfair and aggressive marketing practices to convince doctors that Androgel was safe, even though the company was aware that its use posed significant health risks.

Androgel revolutionized testosterone-replacement treatment. Prior to its introduction, such drugs were administered by injection. Androgel is a topical cream.

Other cases in the MDL accuse AbbVie of concealing the fact that Androgel carries with it an increased risk of blood clots and pulmonary embolism, as well.

The verdicts in bellwether MDL trials often set legal precedents, and can play a significant role in determining the path of litigation in similar cases.

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