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Opioid epidemic Investigation

Attorneys General Open Investigation into Opioid Manufacturers

June 16, 2017 The attorneys general of several states – including Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas – have launched a joint investigation to study how the makers of opioid painkillers may have contributed to the nationwide opioid epidemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

The bipartisan group will focus on whether drug manufacturers’ marketing and sales tactics have promoted and/or sustained an epidemic that has reached crisis proportions.

Named in the suit are drugmakers Allergan, Endo, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen subsidiary, Purdue, and Teva’s Cephalon subsidiary, all of which, the suit alleges, have falsely downplayed the addictive risks of the drugs they make and sell.

The state of Ohio, two counties in California, New York’s Suffolk County, and the city of Chicago have recently made similar allegations. In a potentially precedent-setting case, Teva paid $1.6 million in May 2017 to California’s Santa Clara and Orange Counties for misrepresenting the addictive potential of opioid painkillers.

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