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JPML Won’t Combine Prevagen Lawsuits

June 6, 2017
The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Legislation (JPML) has denied a motion by Quincy Bioscience to centralize four cases concerning the putative cognitive benefits of its “memory booster” drug, Prevagen.

The JPML ruled that the four cases – in New York, New Jersey, and California – were few enough to benefit from coordination rather than centralization. All of the cases concern claims of falsely advertising the cognitive benefits of Prevagen, a supplement made with a protein derived from jellyfish.

The New York case, which was brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York Attorney General, alleges that Quincy Bioscience lacks sufficient scientific evidence that the protein, called apoaequorin, can enhance human memory. Sales of Prevagen have reached approximately $165 million in the last ten years.

The cases all depend on a clinical trial in which Prevagen and a placebo were administered to 218 patients, whose acuity was then evaluated in a variety of ways. The FTC alleges that there was no statistically significant memory improvement in the patients who were given Prevagen, and that Quincy Bioscience misleadingly manipulated the data from the study. Quincy continues to defend the study and its results.

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