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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to pay $417 Million In Talcum Power lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Found Guilty in Talc Case, Ordered to Pay Record $417 Million

August 21, 2017
After two days of deliberations, the jury in a closely watched California trial over the allegedly carcinogenic nature of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products has returned with a stunning verdict: the corporation must pay $417 million for its role in causing a woman’s terminal cancer.

The jury found that Johnson & Johnson had failed to warn consumers about the risk of ovarian cancer connected with its Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower talc products, and that the terminal ovarian cancer of plaintiff Eva Echeverria was caused by her prolonged use of those products.

The $417 million penalty – $70 million to Echeverria in compensatory damages; $347 million in punitive damages – sets a new high-water mark for talc lawsuits. The company had lost four of five recent trials in St. Louis; the sum of the damages awarded in those five cases was about $300 million.

Five more talcum powder lawsuits are pending against Johnson & Johnson in the California courts.

The corporation’s defense strategy focused largely on discrediting the expert witnesses who testified for the plaintiffs, but it was not sufficient to persuade the jury of Johnson & Johnson’s innocence.

Echeverria’s victory is tempered by the fact that she is dying of ovarian cancer, and has been given only months to live by her doctors.

The potential repercussions of this verdict are enormous.

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