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Not all drugs are bad

While the attorneys at constantly express concern over Big Pharma, that does not mean we believe that every drug is a bad drug. Indeed, we are thankful for many drugs such as penicillin or the polio vaccine. Each of these drugs has changed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet.

Rather we are mainly concerned when one of two things happen. First, sometimes a bad drug is allowed to go to market despite knowledge that it could be unsafe. This is done when the drug company wants to profit off the drug regardless of the human suffering that will cause. The second scenario is when a drug is not a ‘bad’ drug but ‘merely’ has unintended consequences and side effects. We find that drug companies often do not warn about these effects because it will hurt the marketability of the drug. We are strong proponents of giving consumers a choice.

We believe that consumers should educate themselves. Please don’t just watch the ads put out by Big Pharma and then go ask your doctor for that drug. Each drug will likely have some side effects. You should research the drug and the company who makes it. Ultimately, what is or is not a bad drug is up to those who are taking them and those who regulate them.

If you do have an adverse reaction should you report it? We believe that any adverse reaction should be reported to your physician. The serious adverse reactions you should report to your physician immediately include:

•  Respiratory or breathing problems
• Vomiting, Diarrhea
• Skin Rashes, pain or swelling, muscle weakness
• Increased bleeding
• Vision or hearing changes
• Mood or psychological changes or confusion
• Numbness, tingling or dizziness
• Organ failure.

We would take it one step further and file a report with the FDA. This process may be done with consumer reporting form FDA 3500B. This can be sent by mail or sent by fax.  You can also call the Food and Drug Administration at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report by telephone.

Remember that this reporting of an adverse drug side effect may help future consumers but does nothing to help you recover financially. You may be entitled to recover financial compensation for time you have lost from work, medical bills related to adverse drug side effects and in some cases, pain and suffering.

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