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BMw to stand trial in defective engine lawsuit

BMW Must Face Defective Engine Lawsuit

August 1, 2017
A federal judge in New Jersey has ruled that automaker BMW had sufficient notification from its consumers of an allegedly catastrophic engine failure in some of its vehicles, and therefore must stand trial in the proposed class action suit concerning that matter.

At issue in the suit is whether BMW committed fraud and/or violated California’s consumer protection laws in failing to address the potential engine problem about which the suit’s plaintiffs have complained.

Plaintiffs David Afzal and Andy Dechartivong alleged that BMW S65 engine suffers from problems with its engine rods, rod bearings, and engine bearings, and that the engine is insufficiently lubricated. They allege that these problems compromise the integrity of the engine, which drives numerous BWM vehicles.

Central to the case is BMW’s failure to act on the fact that several customers notified the company of the alleged engine defect.

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