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Cadillac Leaky Sunroof Lawsuit

Cadillac Owners File Suit over Leaky Sunroofs

July 17, 2017
A complaint recently filed in a California federal court alleges that General Motors knew about defective, leaky sunroofs in some 222,000 Cadillac SUVs, but refused to cover the defect under the vehicles’ warranties.

Plaintiffs allege that Cadillac SRX SUVs of model years 2010-2013 were released onto the market with sunroof seals that admit water into the interior of the cars, where it can damage carpets and cause electrical problems that require expensive repairs. Cadillac corrected the defect on SRX models made after 2013, but neglected to recall those from model years 2010-2013.

The plaintiffs allege that, though Cadillac knew about the problem, the company required the vehicles’ owners to pay for the repairs. Such action – or, rather, inaction – constitutes a violation of the vehicles’ warranties, the plaintiffs allege.

The lead plaintiff in the case, Kelley Gaines, is currently seeking others who wish to join the class action suit.

If you believe that the maker of your car has violated its warranty by failing to address a defect, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact for free to learn how we can help you.

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