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California Talcum Powder Trial Update

Recent Talcum Powder Ruling: There’s Never Been a Better Time to File a Talc Lawsuit

August 21, 2017
Today, the jury in a federal courtroom in Los Angeles returned a blockbuster verdict against corporate healthcare behemoth Johnson & Johnson. The $417 million verdict eclipses all previous rulings against the company in trials over the health risks of talc and talc-containing products.

The members of the jury ruled that Johnson & Johnson – in manufacturing, marketing, and selling products with the known carcinogen talc, and in concealing from the public information about the health risks of those products – was responsible in no small way for causing the terminal ovarian cancer of plaintiff Eva Echeverria.

The jury awarded Echeverria $70 million in compensatory damages, and hit Johnson & Johnson with an additional $347 million in punitive damages. The punitive damages alone amount to a sum greater than the roughly $300 million in damages that the company was ordered to pay in four separate trials in St. Louis.

By general agreement, Echeverria’s case was the first of six California talc/cancer cases to be heard. Echeverria’s case was selected to be heard first because her terminal ovarian cancer had already reached a critical point. Her doctors estimate that she has months, perhaps only weeks, yet to live.

The remaining five cases in the California Multi-District Litigation (MDL) suit have yet to commence.

Across the country, around 5500 talc claims are waiting to go to trial.

What does the recent ruling in California mean for those who are considering filing lawsuits over talc-induced ovarian cancer?

• First, the ruling lends credence to the notion that the talc in talcum powder and baby powder can cause certain types of cancer. If you are a woman who has regularly used talcum powder and/or baby powder as a feminine hygiene product over an extended period of time, you should see your doctor immediately. Do not delay.

• If you’re thinking about filing suit against Johnson & Johnson for the company’s role in causing the ovarian cancer that you or a loved one has contracted, the time has never been better. Public opinion – and juries’ opinions – are clearly swinging away from Johnson & Johnson, as the medical evidence mounts about talc’s dangers mounts.

• Johnson & Johnson’s won-loss record in talc trials is now 1-5. The company has lost four talc trials in Missouri, and, now, one in California. To date, the company has been ordered to pay more than $700 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Even to a company as enormous and as far-reaching as Johnson & Johnson, $700 million is no drop in the bucket. You can bet that the verdicts in these talc trials has J&J executives shaking in their shoes.

All of these facts add up to one conclusion:

If you’re a regular talc user who has been diagnosed with cancer, the time is right to contact

We’re based in California, so we’re deeply familiar with the laws of the state that just issued the strictest verdict to date against J&J about the health risks of their talc products. (We also are licensed to practice in several other states, as well as in Canada.)

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When you hire, you’ll work with attorneys who genuinely believe in helping “the little guy.” In our opinion, companies like Johnson & Johnson couldn’t care less about the health of the consumers who loyally use their products. We believe they care about one thing only: profit.

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