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Class action suit against cvs and walgreens

Class Action Suits Claim CVS and Walgreens Add Illegal Drug Surcharges

August 16, 2017
Two new federal class action suits – one in Rhode Island and one in Illinois – allege that major drug retailers CVS and Walgreens have entered into contracts with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PMBs) to routinely charge patients copays on generic drugs that are higher than the actual cost of the drugs, then pocket the difference.

Fraud is at the root of the allegations in both suits.

One of the suits cites as a central example a $21.80 purchase at a Walgreens on a generic drug that would have cost only $10 if the purchaser had simply used cash instead of paying via his insurance plan, which is administered by a PBM.

Both suits allege that the pharmacies made no indication to customers that they would be charged different rates for cash and for insurance-based purchases, and that for the pharmacies to keep the difference is a criminal activity.

The suit lists more than 150 generic drugs as examples.

Walgreens has denied the allegations; CVS has remained silent.

If you believe your insurance company and/or your pharmacy is ripping you off on the price of drugs, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit. Contact the expert attorneys at so we can help you get your case started.

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