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Lyft Driver Paycheck Lawsuit

Class Action Suit Alleges Lyft Stiffs Drivers

August 22, 2017
A class action suit recently filed in federal court in New Jersey alleges that rideshare company Lyft uses an unfair method of calculation to determine drivers’ paychecks.

The suit alleges that, despite informing its drivers that their wages will be determined by estimates of the time and distance taken for every ride, the company in fact bases pay on a separate calculation that is based on actual miles and minutes driven. The suit alleges that the disparity between the two calculations works in the company’s, not the drivers’, favor.

The formal charges filed in the suit include breach of covenant, fraud, and unjust enrichment.

Lyft operates nationwide, and is the chief competitor of Uber. Unlike Uber, Lyft has so far been comparatively unburdened by legal troubles. Uber has run afoul of city, state, and federal laws of numerous kinds, and has been embroiled in lawsuits about everything from wages to sexual harassment.

Attorneys for Lyft have not yet offered comment on the suit.

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