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Every year pharmaceutical companies get “caught” putting profits ahead of people. Because they are driven by greed, these companies often hide what they know about their products in order to generate more and greater profit. Lawyers at have successfully fought these companies for over fifteen years and have been involved in most of the major defective drug recall litigations since 1999.

Right now, is working to help the victims of:
Taxotere – Click here to learn more.
Talcum Powder – Click here to learn more.
Zofran – Click here to learn more.
Xarelto – Click here to learn more.
Testosterone – Click here to learn more.
Lipitor – Click here to learn more.
Risperdal – Click here to learn more. Every year, thousands of Americans are injured by unsafe medicines (defective drugs) sold to the public without enough testing or warnings.
Mesothelioma – Mesothelioma to learn more.
Victims and their families have the right to recover compensation.

Pharmaceutical liability or defective drug recall lawsuits are a complicated area, anyone considering a lawsuit involving a prescription / defective drug or medical device should seek the advice of an attorney who regularly practices in these areas. Pharmaceutical attorneys at are available to give you a free consultation to discuss your options.

The medications our doctors prescribe are supposed to make us better. Yet, some drugs have defects and cause illness, injury or even death. It is the manufacturer’s duty to thoroughly test drugs before they are placed on the market, and the FDA’s responsibility to ensure that the drugs you are prescribed are safe. Unfortunately, countless dangerous or defective drugs manage to make it onto the shelves and into our homes. When the failure to meet safety standards results in injury, patients can file defective drug and medical negligence lawsuits.

It is your right to hold the manufacturers of these defective drugs accountable for any harm they cause when they are prescribed and administered according to a doctor’s orders. If you think you have sustained an illness or injury due to a defective medication, you may be entitled to compensation for the harms caused.

Our award-winning attorneys have successfully represented victims of dangerous drugs and have the experience and resources needed to handle these complicated matters. Click here to learn more about Difference. Call now to speak with an experienced legal professional for free.

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