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Depuy Attune knee implant failure?

What is the DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant?

The human body is anything but perfect. Our backs ache – so we use canes. If our cane breaks, we buy another one. No big deal.

Our vision gets weaker – so we use glasses. If our glasses break, we get another pair. No big deal.

Our knees can give way – so we may need to have them replaced. But what happens when our knee replacement fails? That’s a big deal.

The attorneys of are currently investigating allegations about the failure of a prominent and widely used total knee replacement device, the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® Knee System.

Our medical and legal research suggests that the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® Knee System can fail prematurely. In some cases, it doesn’t last more than a few months beyond the date of its implantation.

In our opinion, that kind of performance would be unacceptable even for something like a cheap pair of headphones. When you’re talking about a precision-engineered device that is supposed to enable mobility for the rest of someone’s life – that’s beyond unacceptable. At that point, you start thinking about lawsuits.

If the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® knee replacement is as problematic and potentially dangerous as some reports suggest that it is, we believe that it could very well be the subject of any number of major lawsuits.

Even if you’ve had knee replacement surgery, you may not know the exact name and model of the knee replacement device that you’ve had implanted. We understand that.

But, since it’s manufactured and marketed by a major subsidiary of the enormous medical products corporation Johnson & Johnson, the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® Knee System is one of the most popular and widely used knee replacement devices, so there’s a reasonable chance that, if you’ve had knee replacement surgery, that’s the device that’s inside your leg right now.

It’s sobering to know that your knee – which was supposed to be “good as new” after your surgery – might experience catastrophic failure.

And it’s not just that the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® may be prone to total failure. It may actually be prone to partial failure, as well.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms with your knee replacement?
• instability
• the loosening of the device or its components
• pain
• swelling
• fracture
• imperfect fit and/or movement

If you’ve had a knee replacement and have experienced any of those symptoms, you may need medical and legal assistance.

If your knee replacement is defective, you may require “revision surgery”: surgery to correct a device that never should have been malfunctioning in the first place. Revision surgery can be painful, expensive, and disruptive.

The DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® Knee System has been “on our radar” because of the concerns and complaints that have been mounting about it. A recently published clinical study also suggests that the ATTUNE® system may have a higher-than-usual rate of failure.

At, we are experts in handling cases about defective medical devices. It’s one of the cornerstones of our business. It’s what we do.

If your knee replacement device is causing you pain, suffering, and any number of health problems, you need to act immediately. The statute of limitations in your state may prevent you from filing a knee replacement lawsuit after a certain date.

The attorneys at are here to advocate for your health and to ensure that you receive any financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

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