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not all pelvic mesh devices are bad

Canadian Doctors Speak up for Pelvic Mesh Despite Lawsuits

October 2, 2017
In spite of the fact that thousands of Canadian women have filed lawsuits or joined existing lawsuits over the alleged health risks of vaginal mesh devices, a number of doctors and surgeons have stated that the polypropylene plastic devices play an important role in modern surgical medicine, and that, though many of the devices have indeed malfunctioned, vaginal mesh implants have an important role to play in the health of Canadian women.

Toronto urogynecologist Dr. Colleen McDermott, for instance, acknowledges the validity of plaintiffs’ claims about the potentially injurious nature of pelvic mesh devices (which are also known as transvaginal mesh devices, or TVMs), yet insists that most of her patients who receive the devices as treatment for post-childbirth stress urinary incontinence have benefitted from their implantation.

McDermott does say that she thinks it is possible that many TVMs have been implanted by surgeons who lack the precise skills and/or experience to perform the delicate operations. That problem, in turn, may have been caused by the devices’ manufacturers’ eagerness to give too-brief training sessions on the implantation of pelvic mesh devices to even generalist medical practitioners. The skills required for the successful use of these devices, she said, are greater than may be learned in a quick course, and doctors require specialized training in the field of urology and gynecology.

Most complaints and lawsuits over pelvic mesh devices hinge on alleged defects pertaining to the lightweight polypropylene plastic from which they are made. That plastic can erode, fray, poke through tissues and organs, and even “melt into” internal tissues. All of these situations can cause intense pain.

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Yet, even though many recipients of mesh devices may experience the relief of their symptoms, a significant number of people have experienced severe pain and major medical complications – as evinced by the growing number of mesh lawsuits filed in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, as well as in Canada.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information has released figures that indicate that, in 2016, nearly 1000 Canadians underwent “revision surgeries” to have their mesh devices removed. That amounts to nearly three mesh revision surgeries per day.

Pelvic mesh devices are used in about 90 percent of the approximately 25,000 stress urinary incontinence surgeries performed annually in Canada.

Numerous pelvic mesh lawsuits are currently working their way through Canadian courts.

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