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What does it mean when an attorney drops my case?

Sometimes the attorneys at will agree to represent the victim of an automobile accident, a defective drug or medical device or some other serious matter and later have to ‘drop’ the case. This post is meant to explain why this sometimes happens.

When considering why the lawyers at sometimes drop a case, it’s important to understand that we operate on a contingency basis. That means that we take your case, and usually agree to front all the costs of the case, without any money from you up front. In other words, we only get paid if we win.

The basic rule is that lawyers can drop a case as long as we don't leave you with an impending deadline and no time to get a new attorney. However, it is more complicated if a lawsuit has been filed and not yet terminated by the courts. In this case we cannot simply give up your case without the judge’s approval. Even in this scenario, it is possible for us to ask the Court to be removed as your lawyers. The most common reasons for this are if a conflict of interest arises or the client ceases communication. 

Imagine this scenario: a victim of a serious car crash contacts They tell us that they were recently in a major car crash and were badly injured and the other driver was at fault. Based on that, the attorneys at agree to take the ‘case’. We later learn that our client was in fact responsible for the crash, it happened five years ago in another country, the client was drunk, had no insurance and wasn’t hurt at all. Under this extreme example, would not proceed with representation of this client. We believed certain facts to be true that turned out not to be true at all. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time, even with less extreme examples.

It’s important to understand that this does not mean that a case is dropped because the lawyers want a more financially rewarding client or because the process is taking longer than expected. However, if we believe at the beginning of a case that there are damages or liability and those things turn out not to be true, we will have no choice but to drop the client. Another common issue that arises is with defective medical devices. It is common for people to be mistaken about what kind of device they have or when they got it implanted. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for prospective clients to either lie or be mistaken about their case.

It’s very important to understand that a case can be dropped by a lawyer for a lot of reasons. It does not necessarily mean the claim by the client has no value. For example, if we dropped a case because we felt the case was too weak, it might be possible for the client to gather additional supporting evidence that changes the case entirely. We always encourage people to consult with another attorney if we have to drop your case.

So, in summary, the attorneys at work on a contingency basis. That may mean we agree to undertake representation. If, after research and investigation, we conclude that no case exists, we will drop the case. We can do so without permission from the Court as long as we give you time to consult with another lawyer before your time to file a lawsuit expires.

The attorneys at know that you have choices when it comes to legal representation. We take your choice in us very seriously. We know that people usually come to us in a bad time in their lives. We take our responsibility very seriously. If we can help you, we will. If it turns out we cannot help you, we will let you know in a timely fashion and encourage you to seek new counsel.

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