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I don’t know if I have a case. What do I do?

Call us.  Email us.  Or chat with us through the website.  Tell us your story and a lawyer or paralegal with years of experience will talk to you about your case.  

Do you have a lawyer in my area with experience in my type of case? employs a staff of experienced and award winning trial lawyers.  We also associate with lawyers around the country with proven results.  When you tell us about your case, we spend our time and experience finding the right lawyer for you, based on their skill, training, experience, and above all their proven results in cases like yours.    

How much does this cost?

Nothing.  All of our lawyers are committed to funding the cases and working on a contingency basis.  That means you only pay costs and legal fees IF YOU WIN.  

If I win my case, how much are the costs and fees?

Costs depend on the type of case and how far it goes before settlement.  The more complicated the case, the more experts will be required to consult and testify on your behalf.  Your lawyer pays these costs up front and you only have to pay your lawyer back if you win your case.  Legal fees charged will comply with State laws and the same as those charged by other lawyers.

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