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Intellipharmaceutics International scolded for lack of Opioid abuse information

Ohio sues drug manufacturers about opioid crisis

June 6, 2017
The Ohio Attorney General has filed suit against several pharmaceutical manufacturers for understating the addiction risks of their products and thus contributing to the national “opioid epidemic.”

Named in the suit is Allergan, for its drugs Kadian, Norco, and several generic drugs, the latter of which are actually owned by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Another Teva unit, Cephalon, was named for its drugs Actiq and Fentora. Purdue Pharma was named for its drugs OxyContin, MS Contin, Dilaudid, Butrans, Hysingla, and Targiniq. Endo Health Systems was named for its drugs Percocet, Percodan, Opana, and Zydone. Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, was named for its drugs Duragesic and Nucynta.

In a statement, Attorney General Mike DeWine stated that the companies violated the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and, by disseminating false information in advertisements and representatives, “created a public nuisance by disseminating false and misleading statements about the risks and benefits of opioids.”

“These drug manufacturers led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive, that addiction was an easy thing to overcome or that addiction could actually be treated by taking even more opioids,” continued DeWine’s statement. “They knew they were wrong, but they did it anyway — and they continue to do it. Despite all evidence to the contrary about the addictive nature of these pain medications, they are doing precious little to take responsibility for their actions and to tell the public the truth.”

DeWine wishes the court to declare the advertising to be illegal, and seeks an injunction to prevent future actions, damages to the state for money spent on the pharmaceuticals, and repayment to customers who purchased the drugs.

The drug manufacturers have been sued for their part in the opioid epidemic in Chicago, New York’s Suffolk County, and two counties in California.

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FDA Faults Canadian Drugmaker over Lack of Opioid Abuse Information

July 26, 2017
An advisory committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scolded Canadian drug manufacturer Intellipharmaceutics International for failing to include in its U.S. drug marketing application any information concerning the potential for abuse of its powerful prescription opioid Rexista.

The FDA will continue to study the case to determine whether Rexista may be labeled “abuse-deterrent.”

Rexista is nearly chemically identical to Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin, one of the better-know opioid medications. A version of OxyContin with abuse-deterrent properties has recently been developed.

Abuse-deterrent technologies include adding to irritants to drugs that discourage inhalation, or coating drugs to make them crush-resistant.

Rexista is a powerful medication intended to treat severe, chronic pain. The headline-grabbing opioid epidemic claims the lives of some 30,000 Americans each year.

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