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Fiat chrysler defective clutch suit news

Judge Denies Fiat Chrysler’s Attempt to Dismiss Defective Clutch Suit

July 27, 2017
A federal judge in California has denied a bid by automaker Fiat Chrysler to stop a class action suit concerning allegedly faulty clutch mechanisms in its Dodge Dart vehicles.

Fiat Chrysler’s lawyers had argued that the suit should be dismissed because the plaintiffs’ attorneys were inadequate for not discussing a settlement offer with their clients. Judge Gonzalo Curiel rejected this play.

The automaker had argued in June for a summary judgment in the case. That attempt, too, was denied.

At issue in the case are the allegedly defective clutch master cylinders of certain manual-transmission Dodge Darts. Plaintiffs claim that the clutches have a defect that causes them to lose pressure, stick to the floor, and fail to engage and/or disengage the gears of the cars. The defective mechanisms, the plaintiffs argue, thereby pose crash hazards to drivers, passengers, and passers-by.

The case is ongoing in Los Angeles court.

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