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Food Safety Standards

June 2, 2017
The Natural Resources Defense Council, the venerable nonprofit that has been at the forefront of the environmental movement since 1970, has just released a poignant personal remembrance from a man whose father was killed by a food-borne pathogen.

Paul F. Schwarz, of Independence, Missouri, appears in a video in which he remembers his father, U.S. veteran Paul A. Schwarz, Jr., who died in 2011 after consuming cantaloupe contaminated with a form of the deadly bacteria Listeria.

In the video, Schwarz remarks that, in researching the circumstances surrounding his father’s death, he found that the cantaloupe had been processed by Jensen Farms of Holly, Colorado, and that the company had “tried to cut corners” by neglecting to sufficiently clean the fruit. As a result, 37 people died, and 147 were sickened. Schwarz maintains that the company was negligent in failing to follow federal food-safety guidelines, which have been enacted for very good reasons.

Schwarz says of his late father, “This man gave everything for his country, and eats a piece of cantaloupe and ends up dying. Food safety should be paramount in our country. End of story. It's the United States of America, we're better than that.”

The lawyers of agree with Mr. Schwarz. Food safety is not optional – it’s essential.

The video and transcript can be found here:

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