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Ford Lug Nuts Class Action Lawsuit

Suit Alleges Ford Made Vehicles with Faulty Lug Nuts

August 28, 017
According to class action suit filed in Michigan federal court, the Ford Motor Company knowingly manufactured vehicles with faulty lug nuts that can require significant money and effort to remove and replace.

Ford drivers in seven states allege that the lug nuts on the wheels of the Fusion, the Escape, the Flex, the Focus, the F-150, and the F-350 may be attractive, but they are prone to swelling that makes them difficult to remove. They claim that the wrench that Ford includes with the cars does not work, and that professional assistance is needed to remove the lug nuts and wheels. The plaintiffs are seeking reimbursement for such expenses.

The suits also allege that the faulty lug nuts could potentially place drivers at risk, should they need to change a tire on a busy street or highway.

Central to the plaintiffs’ case is that Ford knowingly included the defective lug nuts on the named vehicles.

Ford has so far declined comment.

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