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Ford to repair police explorer suvs

Ford Will Fix Police Cars as Result of Defective Exhaust System Inquiry

August 2, 2017
Following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford Motor Co. has stated that it will pay for the expense of repairing the allegedly defective exhaust systems in its Explorer SUVs.

The Explorers used by police departments are custom-made for that purpose, and often contain drill holes to accommodate specialized equipment. Those drill holes, Ford reported, may be linked to exhaust links in the vehicles.

The recall and repair does not affect “civilian” Explorer models.

The NHTSA has reported on three crashes and 41 injuries that are allegedly related to the exhaust system defect. In these vehicles, carbon monoxide smoke may enter the cabin and cause nausea, lightheadedness, and/or headaches, all of which can endanger drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Direct links between the exhaust problems and any injuries are inconclusive.

Ford has announced that it will pay for all repairs of the affected vehicles, regardless of the SUVs’ age or condition.

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