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Ford Motor Company Van Driveshaft Lawsuit

Ford Hit with Class Action Suit after Recalling 400,000 Vans

July 14, 2017
A class action suit has been filed in California federal court alleging that Ford Motor Company “actively concealed the defect” that was the reason behind the recent recall of more than 400,000 Transit vans. Ford recalled vans from model years 2015-2017 due to a defective driveshaft component.

The suit alleges that Ford concealed the defect from consumers while actively promoting the vans as safe. The vehicles’ flexible driveshaft coupling can crack after 30,000 miles, causing the driveshaft to separate from the rest of the transmission and, possibly, disrupt power to the vehicle. The safety risks of such a defect are obvious.

The recall will cost Ford an estimated $142 million.

The lead plaintiff in the case asserted that the defect in his Transit van not only nearly caused a dangerous accident, but resulted in a significant loss of business for the self-owned company that he operates out of the vehicle.

The case alleges that Ford knew about the defect since at least 2014, but concealed that information from drivers. Claims in the suit include breach of warranty, fraud by concealment, unjust enrichment, and others.

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