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Fresnius Dialysis Lawsuit

Fresenius Moves to Trim 10 Dialysis Cases from Suit

August 28, 2017
A recent win in a bellwether trial in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case over its dialysis treatments has emboldened Fresenius Medical Care to request that 10 cases should be dismissed from the next such trial. The company argues that these 10 cases are similar to the one that the company recently won.

At issue in the complex case are Fresenius’s Naturalyte and Granuflo dialysis drugs, which plaintiffs allege can lead to injuries and death, in large part, the suits allege, because the company failed to train doctors how to use the drugs properly.

In the February case that Fresenius won, a jury found insufficient evidence that Naturalyte was the proximate cause of the death of the husband of plaintiff Carley Dial. The 10 cases that Fresenius wishes to see dismissed all allege harm or deaths caused by Naturalyte, and most of the plaintiffs in those cases have opted out of a $250 settlement in principle.

The suits allege that Naturalyte, when administered improperly, contains chemicals that can cause a potentially fatal condition called metabolic alkalosis; and that Fresenius was negligent in not training doctors how to use the drug.

Some 12,000 cases have been filed against Fresenius over Naturalyte and Granuflo; about 1000 of those have been dismissed.

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