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GM Faulty Shifter trial verdict

Jury Finds GM Liable for $2.9 Million in Faulty Shifter Case

July 20, 2017
A jury in Connecticut has ruled that General Motors is liable for $2.875 million in damages in a vehicular fatality case in which the company was accused of failing to warn about the potentially dangerous shifters in its Chevrolet Suburbans.

Jurors found that GM had negligently failed to warn of the known or knowable danger in the Suburbans, and was thus liable for damages resulting from a 2011 accident that killed 8-year-old Maggie O’Connor and injured her brother Grant. Maggie was killed when her family’s Suburban shifted without warrant from park to neutral; the vehicle rolled backwards into some trees, and Maggie died in the collision.

The lawsuit held that the shifting device in the vehicle was dangerously faulty, and that GM was obligated to inform its customers of that defect. However, the company did not issue a warning about the device or the hazards that could result from it.

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