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GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

GM Ignition Switch Fails One-Quarter of the Time

July 14, 2017
The jury in a federal court case in New York has heard testimony from a mechanical engineer who found that the General Motors ignition switch that is the focus of the trial failed 25 percent of the times he tested it.

Glen Stevick testified as an expert witness in plaintiff Dennis Ward’s trial against GM, in which Ward claims that a faulty ignition switch was to blame for an accident he had in 2009.

Stevick, an engineer with Berkeley Engineering and Research, stated that the ignition switch should never have been approved for installation in a motor vehicle. He also stated that the switch was located too close to drivers’ knees, where it could easily be bumped into the OFF position.

The trial has been designated a bellwether case, meaning that its outcome stands to set legal precedent in similar cases in the future.

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