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GM trial verdict

Jury Finds in Favor of GM in Ignition Switch Bellwether Trial

July 19, 2017
In the first of six planned bellwether cases concerning allegedly faulty ignition switches in General Motors vehicles, the automaker has emerged victorious, with the jury in a New York courtroom finding that the crash at issue in the trial was not caused by a defective ignition switch.

The jury ruled that neither negligent design nor failure to issue warnings caused the 2009 car crash of Dennis Ward of Wilcox, Arizona. Ward had blamed the crash in his Chevrolet HHR on a faulty ignition switch.

Ward, for his part, stated that the trial itself was part of a larger strategy of “concealment” on the part of the auto manufacturer.

Ward’s trial is just the second trial to come to an end in this multiyear bellwether litigation. The jury in the only other closed trial also found that GM ignition switches may have been unsafe, but that they were not the root causes of the crashes that the plaintiffs experienced.

Nevertheless, nearly 1700 personal injury and wrongful death cases have been filed against GM in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) action that alleges the ignition switches are inherently dangerous.

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