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Kugal hernia mesh lawsuit

The Kugel hernia mesh device holds a special place in the hernia mesh Hall of Shame. It was recalled not one, not two, but three times by its manufacturer, Bard Davol: once in 2005, once in 2006, once in 2007.

Yet the Kugel hernia mesh is still on the market, and is still being used in hernia operations.


Simple answer: Because there’s a lot of money to be made by selling hernia mesh devices – even defective hernia mesh devices that can cause major health problems. That’s Big Pharma at work.

Bard Davol knows perfectly well that the Kugel hernia mesh is a dangerous product. (See “three separate recalls,” above.) But the company continues to maintain – even in the face of a mountain of clinical evidence – that the product is safe and secure.

At, we believe that the Kugel hernia mesh is anything but safe and secure. We believe it can cause significant health problems in anyone who’s had it implanted, and, furthermore, we believe that those people are entitled to significant financial compensation.

The Kugel hernia mesh is shaped like an oval, with a ring in the middle that helps the patch keep its shape. Unfortunately, nothing helps the ring itself keep its shape.

The ring in the middle of the Kugel hernia mesh device has a tendency to break. When that happens, patients experience a much higher risk of the device perforating their bowels.

That’s right – the Kugel hernia mesh can create holes in your intestines.

On those three occasions when Bard Davol recalled the Kugel device, the company insisted that only certain lots of the product had rings that tended to break.

We believe that every Kugel hernia mesh device should be recalled. That’s because every Kugel hernia mesh device is made of polypropylene, a cheap plastic that shrinks and decays when inside the human body.

When the polypropylene of the Kugel hernia mesh inevitably shrinks and deteriorates inside the body, it exerts more and more pressure on the device’s inner ring. Then – pop! The ring breaks, and patients can suffer from perforated bowels.

The ring is dangerous, but the ring isn’t really the problem. The problem is the cheap polypropylene plastic that the Kugel hernia mesh is made of.

And, of course, the real problem is the fact that even though Bard Davol knew about the dangers of the Kugel hernia mesh, the company continues to manufacture, market, and sell dangerous “healthcare” products.

We believe that this is more than sufficient grounds for legal action.

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