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Perfix hernia mesh lawsuit

PerFix Mesh Dangers

One Problem is Too Many Problems

The PerFix Plug hernia mesh device – one of the many hernia mesh products manufactured by medical-device giant Bard Davol – really only has one major weakness. But it’s a killer – literally.

The problem with the PerFix Plug is a structural one. Like nearly every other hernia mesh device, the PerFix is made of polypropylene, a cheap, commonplace plastic that’s used to make everything from fishing line to synthetic carpet fiber.

The danger of polypropylene is that it can deteriorate once implanted into the human body, and can even dissolve to the point that it effectively melts into internal tissues and organs. When that happens, it can’t be removed, and it can cause severe health problems, like infection, severe pain, and even organ failure.

The problem with the PerFix Plug is that its design maximizes the likelihood that its polypropylene will malfunction, dissolve, and cause major health issues.

You could hardly have found a less advantageous design for hernia mesh if you’d hired the devil’s own architects.

The PerFix is just a bare polypropylene mesh that’s been twisted into a flared, pluglike shape. That’s it.

But that bare mesh – and the folds and curved surfaces it contains – is in exactly the wrong shape if the purpose of the mesh is to contain internal organs and prevent against infection. The PerFix does exactly the opposite: its many, tiny holes and numerous folds encourage nerve tissue to grow right through them.

The reason that that kind of nerve growth is a problem has to do with the inevitable deterioration of the polypropylene fabric of the PerFix Plug. When – not if, but when – the plastic decays, the nerves that are caught in the mesh get tugged and stretched.

And that can cause excruciating pain – pain so bad that it may not even be treatable.

Even worse, because so many PerFix Plugs are implanted in men after surgery for an inguinal (groin) hernia, the mesh’s decay can cause severe testicular trauma. Studies have shown that the PerFix Plug can cause such severe nerve damage that patients’ testicles must be removed.

The sexual dysfunction that can result from this type of complication is simply piling insult atop injury – literally.

Remember: these devices are supposed to help with healing, not cause further health problems.

What makes the whole thing worse – in the case of the PerFix, as well as with every other hernia mesh device – is that the manufacturer of the device knew full well that its design could cause serious health complications. But they withheld that information from patients and doctors, marketed their products aggressively, and now here we are.

That’s exactly the reason why, if you’ve had a PerFix Plug hernia mesh surgically implanted, wants to hear from you. We will always advocate for your health.

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