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$13 million Asbestos Settlement

Hillshire Ordered to Pay $13 Million in Asbestos Case

August 22, 2017
A California federal jury has ordered Hillshire Brands, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods, to pay $13 million to the family of a now-deceased man whom it had negligently allowed to be exposed to asbestos for years.

Hillshire had set up Mark Lopez in Betteravia, California, a “company town” that had been established in the 1890s by Union Sugar Refining Co. The court ruled that Hillshire did not take enough safety precautions to protect its workers or the residents of the town from exposure to asbestos.

Lopez died of asbestos-related complications in 2015 after having lived in Betteravia from 1954 until the mid-1960s.

A spokesperson for Tyson Foods expressed sympathy for Lopez’s family but remained insistent that it was not responsible for his death.

The lawsuit alleged that Tyson, as caretaker of the Betteravia facilities, knew about the asbestos dangers there but concealed that information from workers and residents.

Other companies were named in the suit, but the jury in the trial found Hillshire/Tyson to be 100% responsible for Lopez’s exposure to asbestos.

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