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The attorneys at have heard lots of lawyer jokes over the years. Jokes like “what's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a lawyer on a motorcycle? The vacuum cleaner has the dirt bag on the inside”.

We understand that lawyers as a whole seem to have a bad reputation. But we believe that the dislike of attorneys is misplaced. It is the manufacturers of defective drugs and medical devices that are deserving of scorn and skepticism. We don’t disagree that there are some bad lawyers out there. But you should never let that stop you from pursuing justice.

Let us submit this hypothetical situation to you. You are a relatively young person who needs a new hip. You are talked into getting a metal on metal hip because it allows you to be ‘more active’. Instead, it releases metal ions leading to cobalt and chromium poisoning. An enormous amount of pain follows, along with substantial medical bills. You learn that the company did not adequately test the design of the hip nor were you warned about the possibility of cobalt or chromium poisoning.

Are you really going to question whether you should file a lawsuit or not? Is asking for compensation in this case going to make you feel greedy? Who caused this injustice? The company who made the hip or the lawyer who represents you against the giant manufacturer? believes that asking for fair compensation is a way to get the other party to start paying attention to the injustice that they imposed upon you.  Besides compensating the injured, the goal with a lawsuit can be to change something. Perhaps it will change a policy, change a procedure, change the way medical devices are designed or tested, or even change the mentality of a corporation.  Whatever it is, if it is unjust, filing a lawsuit can bring attention to it. 

So, while people may not like lawyers, a good lawyer can be invaluable to you. Lets face it: giant corporations continue to pump out defective medical devices and bad drugs because there is so much profit in it. Shouldn't those responsible for creating this pain and suffering be held accountable for it? Don't be afraid to stand up and fight against injustice. When you have the right attorney giving you legal guidance, you can get the attention of the other party and have them take your claim against them seriously. The attorneys at are proud of our role as advocates for the injured.

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