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Hyundai Airbag Lawsuit

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Airbag Suit against Hyundai

July 17, 2017
A federal judge in Illinois refused to dismiss product liability claims against automaker Hyundai in a suit in which the car company’s airbag unit has been implicated in the death of a passenger in a Hyundai vehicle.

The plaintiff, Janet Schwaninger, alleges that Hyundai is responsible for the 2013 death of her granddaughter, Elizabeth Schaaf, which occurred in a rollover accident on a Colorado highway. Schwaninger specifically identifies an airbag failure as the cause of Schaaf’s death.

Hyundai had hoped to get the suit dismissed on the grounds that the terms of the suit were imprecise, but the judge allowed the suit to proceed.

Schwaninger alleges that the Hyundai Accent in which her granddaughter was a passenger was not crashworthy because its restraint and safety systems were inadequate to save Schaaf’s life.

The case in ongoing in Illinois District Court.

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