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Hyundai Sunroof Lawsuit

Hyundai Rails against Class Certification Attempt in Sunroof Case

August 21, 2017
Automaker Hyundai requested that a California federal court not grant certification to a group of plaintiffs who allege that the panoramic sunroofs on a number of Hyundai vehicles are faulty, saying that the alleged sunroof breakage varies too significantly from individual to individual.

The carmaker asserts that the class alleges no claim of a common defect in their suits concerning sunroofs that are purported to be prone to shattering, stating that the evidence is of an individual nature rather than a shared nature.

The suit was initially filed in 2015, and alleged that Hyundai knew about the allegedly faulty sunroofs since at least three years previous to that. The plaintiffs allege that the sunroofs have a tendency to shatter, and are seeking damages to cover repairs and warranty breaches.

The automaker asserts, furthermore, that the plaintiffs have not laid out a damage-payment schedule or method yet, either.

The court has not yet issued a decision about Hyundai’s request.

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