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Illinois surgeon suit

Surgeon Sued for $12 Million in “Cancer-Spreading” Case

July 19, 2017
A woman in Illinois has filed suit against her doctor who, she claims, spread cancer throughout her body during a hysterectomy operation.

The suit filed by Alivia Greenfield and her husband alleges that because Dr. Joseph Ehle, of the Monroe Clinic in Freeport, IL, erroneously used a device called a morcellator during the procedure, the cancer that had been present in Greenfield’s uterus was distributed throughout her body. A morcellator is a surgical device that cuts large parcels of tissue into smaller pieces to assist in surgical removal.

The suit alleges that the use of the morcellator caused the malignant sarcoma in Greenfield’s uterus to metastasize into an uncurable Stage III cancer. The suit seeks damages of $12 million.

According to the complaint, Dr. Ehle proceeded with the morcellator-assisted laparoscopic removal of Greenfield’s uterus despite having inconclusive evidence about the existence of cancer in the organ. Further, the suit alleges, the use of the morcellator effectively pulverized the uterus’s cancerous tissue, reducing it to numerous fragments too small to be contained; and that the Stage III cancer was induced by this procedure.

Morcellators have come under fire in other cases for precisely these reasons.

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