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Vaginal mesh Claims TO Be Heard in ireland

Irish Courts to Hear Vaginal Mesh Claims

September 20, 2017
For the first time, the courts in Ireland will hear complaints from women who claim to have suffered health and/or medical problems as a consequence of having been surgically implanted with a vaginal mesh device.

The claims in Irish court follow on the heels of claims against vaginal mesh devices that have been filed in courts across the US and the United Kingdom.

Vaginal mesh devices - also known as pelvic mesh devices and transvaginal mesh devices, or TVMs – have been under scrutiny by doctors and jurists in recent years because of their alleged link to pain, infection, and sexual dysfunction. The devices are routinely implanted in women who have recently given birth in order to control pelvic organ prolapse and/or stress urinary incontinence.

One Irish attorney said that she had heard complaints from at least 25 Irish women concerning their pelvic mesh devices.

Another Irish attorney remarked that education about the potential risks and complications surrounding the devices is relatively poor in his country, and that he believes there are likely a great many women who have been adversely affected by the products but who are unaware that their device may be the reason for their pain and complications.

If you’ve had an operation to implant a vaginal mesh device, and have experienced pain, inflammation, infection, and/or sexual dysfunction as a result, you may be entitled to join one of the existing pelvic mesh lawsuits in the U.S. Contact the expert attorneys at to learn how we can help you with your case.

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