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The attorneys at are actively pursuing claims against the makers of some IVC filters. We are pursuing these claims because several retrievable IVC filter designs have been linked to reports of serious complications, including perforation, migration, fractures, heart or lung injury and even wrongful death.

Blood clots that develop in the veins of the leg or pelvis, a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), occasionally break up and large pieces of the clot can travel to the lungs. An IVC filter is a small metal device that traps large clot fragments and prevents them from traveling through the vena cava vein to the heart and lungs, where they could cause severe complications such as pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or even death.

As with any medical procedure, you should rely on your doctor, rather than a lawyer, for medical advice. We are aware that IVC filters are often used when patients cannot be successfully treated by other methods, including blood thinning drugs.

However, before you agree to this, or any medical procedure, it is important for you to be informed of the benefits versus the risks.

One of the main benefits is that implanting an IVC filter does not require full blown surgery. Rather there is small nick in the skin that does not usually even have to be stitched closed. Our research also suggests that the filter has a high rate of success in protecting lungs from serious pulmonary embolus (PE) in patients who have failed conventional medical therapy or cannot be given conventional medical therapy.

However, there are risks too. Any procedure where the skin is penetrated carries a risk of infection. Any procedure that involves placement of a catheter inside a blood vessel carries certain risks. These risks include damage to the blood vessel, bruising or bleeding at the puncture site, and infection.

However, those risks are generic to any surgery, no minor how minor. What causes the attorneys at concern is that there is a chance that the IVC filter can lodge in the wrong place, change position or penetrate through the vein, which can lead to injury of a nearby organ. Even worse, the IVC filter or a piece of the IVC filter may break loose and travel to the heart or lungs causing injury or death.

There have been reported problems with IVC filters becoming so filled with clots that they block all flow in the blood vessel, causing swelling in the legs. Also, in some cases, retrievable filters become scarred to the vein and cannot be removed, in which case they are left in permanently. These are not necessarily design flaws but are risks you should be aware of.

As always, it is important, to ask your doctor questions about this procedure. We recommend that you find out what IVC filter your doctor is planning to implant and research it. If you have had a complication from an IVC filter, call for a free and confidential case assessment.

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