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Johnson & Johnson Lobbies to Overturn $417 Million Talc Verdict

Johnson & Johnson Alledges Juror Misconduct

September 21, 2017
Johnson & Johnson, the maker of talcum powder products that a Los Angeles jury recently found to be responsible for the terminal ovarian cancer of a plaintiff in a high-profile lawsuit, has filed motions to have the landmark $417 million verdict in that case overturned.

The company argued that some of the jurors in the trial, who voted 9-3 against Johnson & Johnson, engaged in “misconduct” in the deliberations room. Statements from two of the three jurors who sided against J&J have been included in the company’s motions. Johnson & Johnson argues that some of the jurors exhibited undue “passion and prejudice” in reaching their verdict, and that some jurors were inappropriately left out of final deliberations.

The jury in the case awarded $70 million in damages to the plaintiff, Eva Echeverria, whose terminal condition prevented her from appearing in person to testify at her trial. On top of the $70 million award, the jury found Johnson & Johnson liable for $347 million in punitive damages. Together, those sums amount to what is by far the largest verdict against the company in the talc trials that have take place so far.

The company argues that the monetary sum of the damages is excessive.

Echeverria alleged that she developed ovarian cancer as a result of the habitual use, over several decades, of talcum powder and baby powder as a feminine hygiene product. She further alleged that Johnson & Johnson, though aware of the dangers of talc, promoted its products as “safe and gentle.”

Numerous talc cases that name Johnson & Johnson as a defendant are currently in process in courts in multiple states.

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and believe that your cancer is the result of habitual use of talcum powder and/or baby powder, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. To find out how to file your case, contact the expert attorneys at

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