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Johnson & johnson loses transvaginal mesh (TVM) lawsuit

May 31, 2017
On May 26, a Pennsylvania jury has awarded $2.1 million to a woman who suffered severe health consequences when the transvaginal mesh (TVM) manufactured by Ethicon, Inc., deteriorated inside her body. The mesh is made from a plastic called polypropylene.

Ethicon is a division of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson. This case marks the fourth consecutive defeat in Pennsylvania for Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon TVM products.

In the most recent trial, Ethicon’s Gynecare Prolift mesh was implanted into the plaintiff’s body in 2006 as a treatment for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Her case rested on her claims that the mesh caused several permanent health and wellness complications, including constant pelvic pain, incontinence, and urinary tract infections, as well as severe pain during sexual intercourse. The jury reached its verdict in nine hours.

Only one week earlier, another Pennsylvania jury ordered Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon to pay $20 million in punitive and compensatory damages to a woman who had had Ethicon’s Gynecare TVT-Secur mesh implanted. Two juries in Philadelphia have awarded $12.5 million and $13.5 million to other transvaginal mesh plaintiffs.

Over the last nine years, Johnson & Johnson has had to defend itself in a growing number of lawsuits involving its TVM products. In 2008, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned that the devices had been linked to at least 1000 reports of serious injuries over a three-year period. The FDA updated its warning in 2011, when the number of reported transvaginal mesh complications tripled in number.

Ethicon announced in 2012 that it would no longer sell four of its pelvic mesh devices, including the Gynecare TVT Secur, the Gynecare Prosima, the Gynecare Prolift, and the Gynecare Prolift+M. Despite such moves, the company insisted that its products were safe. The FDA disagreed, however, ordering Ethicon and 20 other TVM manufacturers to conduct more extensive research into the risks associated with their devices.

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