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Ethicon pressuring judge to toss Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit verdict

Johnson & Johnson Pressures Judge to Scrap Pelvic Mesh Decision

September 27, 2017
Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is exerting pressure on a Pennsylvania judge to toss a verdict from earlier this month that requires the company to pay $57.1 million in a pelvic mesh injury case. The company argues that the plaintiff in the case waited too long after learning about her injury to file her lawsuit.

Ethicon’s position is that plaintiff Ella Ebaugh knew by June 2011 that her TVT Secur pelvic mesh implant had fused with the tissue of her urethra, a condition that caused her tremendous pain and that required additional surgery to correct. The company argues that, since Ebaugh waited until July 2013 to file her suit – one month longer than the two-year statute of limitations – that the suit was not valid.

A Philadelphia jury awarded Ebaugh $7.1 million earlier this month, and hit Ethicon with another $50 million penalty in punitive damages for failing to test the TVT Secure before bringing it to market. Ebaugh received the initial pelvic mesh device in May 2007 as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence. The device then “melted” into her internal organs and has left her with permanent damage to her urinary tract.

Neither Ebaugh’s attorneys nor the judge in the case have yet responded to Ethicon’s remarks.

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